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I help people develop the ability to control their mind, body, and emotions. the result is a life full of freedom, bliss, joy, and inner peace!





During his speaking engagements, Jack inspires and empowers audiences to implement simple methods needed to control their mind, body, and emotions. That has time and again resolved audience members daily suffering and trauma from their past. In detail, Jack's audiences experience measurably less anxiety, stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts. As a result, audiences develop an increased level of freedom, self-awareness, perspective, stress-management, joy, fulfillment, and the power to effectively overcome all forms of adversity! 


Jack believes everybody has the ability to remain peaceful and joyful during life's day to day challenges. Simply, life is too short to suffer. This is why inspiring individuals to implement practical methods needed to overcome adversity and master their mind, body, and emotions is the ultimate goal of every speaking engagement.


Adversity is defined as difficulties or misfortune. How you respond to your adversity is how you will ultimately be remembered. This is why Jack teaches his audiences that mastering your response to every bit of adversity will allow you to live life on your terms. 

Jack knows that anyone is capable of mastering their mind, body, and emotions! How does he know this??? Because his prior audience members are true, living testaments!

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Coaching is another way Jack strives to end people's daily suffering and resolve their past trauma's. During the group coaching workshops or the one-on-one coaching sessions, individuals learn the specific methods needed to be in control of their mind, body, and emotions at all times. This creates the necessary foundation for living a stress-free, peaceful life. 

Being coached by Jack gives individuals an opportunity to learn the methods required to rise above their own specific traumas, adversities, and setbacks. This is a wonderful opportunity because being an audience member during a speaking engagement does not allow every individual person the time to address and overcome their specific struggles.


All in all, people will without a doubt learn how to master their mind, body, and emotions by attending either a speaking engagement, a group coaching workshop, or individual coaching sessions. This could not be more true because when individuals learn how to master their mind, body, and emotions, their suffering ends and their future becomes limitless!

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Jack's STORY


Jack Sernett is a motivational keynote speaker, mental/emotional health coach, and podcast host who was born and reared in the Kansas City area. From real life experiences, Jack thinks of himself as having an advanced degree in the coping skills and tools necessary to handle any adversity life can throw one’s way. During his formative years, Jack was sure that his problems were insurmountable and his alone. Subsequently, Jack has learned that many people, young and old, have endured similar problems and many others will experience them in the future.




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