WHO is jack?

Jack Sernett is a motivational speaker, mind trainer/coach, and podcast host who has been a featured speaker at conferences, expos, organizations, sports teams, youth groups, middle schools, high schools, community colleges, and universities. Jack has been a sought after guest on popular podcasts throughout the country such as the "Enlightened Conversations Podcast" and the "Teenage Impact Podcast". Some of Jack's speaking engagements have been featured on Fox 4 New's Kansas City and other local TV news affiliates.


Jack was born and reared in the Kansas City area, and attended a large suburban high school where he thrived both athletically and academically. Jack was a straight A student throughout his four years in high school, was the captain of the varsity soccer team for two years, and was selected as a 1st Team All-state soccer player during his senior year. Jack was also elected by the entire student body to serve as Sweetheart Kind during the spring semester of his senior year. As a senior, Jack managed to start a charity campaign, in which he raised over $20,000 to fund clean water projects in developing countries. During the senior class awards ceremony, Jack was the only student to receive seven of the twelve special honors given including recognition in athletics, academics, charitable fields, and overall sportsmanship and leadership awards. Jack doesn't mention these high points to impress anyone, but instead to impress upon everyone that life is not what happens to you. Instead life is about how you RESPOND to what happens to you! With the right tools anyone can turn a setback into a comeback.

After graduating from high school, Jack attended San Diego State University, and began his speaking and coaching career at the age of 22. From real life experiences, Jack thinks of himself as having an advanced degree in the coping skills and tools necessary to handle any adversity life can throw one’s way. There are many reasons Jack feels qualified to offer inspirational words of wisdom to his audiences and coaching clients. To name a few, Jack spent his teenage years battling depression, stress, anxiety, body dysmorphia, bullying, severe sports injuries, and an eating disorder. Jack also experienced the loss of three great friends in less than a year, and battled a chronic illness for more than two years. In an 18 month period Jack endured 12 surgeries, over 400 days spent in the hospital, over 50 severe infections, and survived 5 cases of sepsis. For more than a year, Jack lived with nephrostomy tubes in each kidney, one supra-pubic catheter in his bladder, and multiple PICC lines and Mid lines in his arms. As a result of all those health struggles, Jack lost 80 pounds in one year. 

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Despite experiencing his fair share of adversity, Jack has become a messenger of resiliency, poise, and optimism. Jack wants to share his story with the world, but more importantly he wants to share the message to his audiences that life will become a peaceful, joyful masterpiece when one can control their mind, body, and emotions! He wants to teach the world what he has done to let go of the negative feelings and emotions he carried for years and how he overcame every bit of adversity in his life. Not all of the world will experience the adversities Jack has had, but everyone will experience some form of trauma and adversity. Therefore, Jack wants to empower and teach everyone that it is possible to live a joyful, peaceful life every single day. 


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