The main message portrayed throughout my talk is simply that life is not what happens to you, but instead life is how you respond to what happens to you. Going along with that message, I talk about how I conquered the many obstacles life threw at me. I relate to the audience by teaching them how they can overcome their own obstacles too. I believe the best talks and messages bring the audience to tears, but also more importantly laughter and many “aha moments”! That is my goal…create many life changing moments and therefore inspire positive change!



During my one-on-one transformation coaching sessions, I teach and help implement the exact coping skills, habits, and life lessons that allowed me to overcome every obstacle life threw at me and maximize my own human potential. No matter where you are in life, I know that the coping skills, habits, and life lessons that turned my life around for the better can positively transform your life too! How do I know? Because I am a living testament.


I am a motivational speaker and transformation coach with a successful track record. I was born and raised in the Kansas City area and have called San Diego home for the past five years. From real life experiences, I think of myself as having an advanced degree in coping skills and the tools to handle any of the obstacles life can throw one’s way. During my formative years, I was sure that my problems were insurmountable and mine alone. Subsequently, I have learned that many people, young and old, have endured similar problems and many others will experience them in the future.

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hard work works



“Thanks to Jack’s message I now feel hopeful about overcoming my struggles with stress and anxiety. During Jack's talk I both laughed and cried. I also learned a ton about what people are truly capable of. Knowing that someone else has overcome similar struggles makes me feel very optimistic about my future.”


17 years old

"Jack quickly went from a stranger to a friend. I believe it's because he can relate to so many people and the obstacles in their life. Because of Jack's effective coaching and advice, my mind fitness is now up to par with my physical fitness for the first time in my life".



"Jack's own personal story was really inspirational. His explanation and advice about how he overcame his own battles gave me faith and taught me how to overcome some of my very own stressors in life."

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